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Stone Army

This was one of the first I wrote. I don't know how easy you will decipher what it will be about.. Submitted by Jethro (Award 61), age 20

Thatís my army, there around the church.
They stand there all day and all night.
They never tire; itís what makes them good
Soldiers; I do love them so dearly.
Some of them have flowers; gifts from
Friends and family. Some of them are fresher
Than others; those are the ones with the clear
Names on them. Some of them have got an
Angel watching over them. I might have one, one
Day. Most have been standing for so long that
Plants have grown around their feet. I spend my
Days clearing up; but they keep growing back.
Even so there they are, my army. They stand in
Such perfect lines, I never need to dress them.
They never stop, they never tire, they never moan;
My army of stone.

Comments (3)

user comment Jethro says: Thank you
Sent on Mon 6th May 13

user comment Serena says: Very good poem! Like Matilda says, I think the idea is very clever. Well done!
Sent on Mon 6th May 13

user comment Matilda says: Really good, the idea of the gravestones as an army is very clever, seeing as they do seem to protect the dead.
Sent on Sat 4th May 13

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