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Just a short poem that I entered for my school poetry competition! . Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

Dark shadows silently leapt across the walls in E3...
It was cheeky Mr Moston trying to trick me!
Rustling leaves as loud as cracking thunder in S5...
Wait a second; it was Mr Daniels trying to hide!

Dark spirits surreptitiously roamed in T2...
Oh, it was Mrs Ibrihim, what a breakthrough!
Devilish demons fiendishly lurking in L1...
What! It was Mr Maher! He had better start to run!

Rivers of blood trickled down the door of the Gym...
It was Mr Alderman! I would have never suspected him!
Spiders slithered like water across the sleek floor of A2...
Okay, Miss Axon! On your marks, get set... Iím coming after you!

The teachers were making me completely deranged,
I was fed up. I was beginning to erupt,
Teachers, in high school...
THEY were making ME corrupt!

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