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Teenagers hanging around (Archived)

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Teenagers hanging around

Am I just a miserable 16 year old or do you agree with my thoughts? . Submitted by Emily (Award 3669), age 23

So I'm walking into my town, happily strolling along with my headphones in listening to Adele, and, from behind the wall pops out a teenager with his trousers pretty much round his ankles, his shoes 5 times too big and a can of goodness knows what in his hands. I immediately felt intimidated when this lad was staring at me, then, to make matters worse, 5 others joined the scene...I felt scared, in my own town.
I flicked my ipod onto pause so I could hear everything more clearly. I walked faster.
The thing is, no, they didn't harm me, but should I feel threatened whilst walking 5 minutes into town from my house?

The thing is with teenagers hanging around, if one of them happened to start on me....I could possibly defend myself, I am only 5"3 but I am a fast runner, so if they threatened me I could leg it, but, what if an elderly lady or man came toddling along with their shopping and walking stick and were met by teenagers on the corner, what would they do? they don't always know that the "Chavs" are just "Messin' innit" they immediately feel at threat.
You're generally okay when it's light because they wouldn't do anything because they would get seen, but when it's dark it's slightly worrying-in cities it's known for chavs littering and hanging around and you grow up to be aware, it's like they are marking their territory isn't it? but now they are slowly making their way into towns and hanging outside a church...can you get any lower? seriously? the other day I saw some lads vandalising a cemetery-what have their parents taught them as they have been growing up? I don't understand what makes a person thing vandalising is okay, let alone a cemetery-at what point in life do they think, lets go and destroy something.

My point is, am I just being a wuss? or does anybody else feel they should feel safe to go out? and should someone try and stop this teenage vandalising and hanging around?
I would love to live in London when I leave home, I have been there loads of times growing up; because I have relatives who live near there so when I visit, I go to the city, but I am actually worried that being alone in a city could get even more dangerous...threatening behaviour needs to stop.

I actually make sure I never forget to smile at everyone just so they know I don't mean any harm, even though they probably know because I dress nothing like a chav. I wear floral tops/dresses which is a slight give-away.

Feel free to respond to my thoughts!

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user comment Emily says: Thanks Becky, Thanks Emma, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.
Sent on Sun 11th Sep 11

user comment Emma says: You're perfectly right about everything. Today I saw five youths who, if they had anything about them, should be doing their A levels. They were sitting by the canal with lager bottles and cigarettes. It was one in the afternoon. Is there anything worse than walking down the street, exactly as you were, and being intimidated by someone your own age who probably lives a few streets away? Who do they think they are? Everybody has the right to feel safe in their community but very few communities feel safe.
Sent on Fri 9th Sep 11

user comment Becky says: I agree with you totally! Teenage gangs are very intimidating
Sent on Thu 8th Sep 11

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