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The Charge of the Light Brigade (Archived)

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The Charge of the Light Brigade

This is a poem I made up about the 'Charge of the light brigade'. It was part of the Crimean war. . Submitted by Emily (Award 339), age 15

Bullets and blood,
'Twas all I could see.
I was trying to ignore,
The screaming from beneath.

A soldier was shot;
We could not stop,
I pitied the soldier who did.

He fell off his horse,
We had to go on of course
As he was crushed,
The horses hooves bust;
I was glad that he was not me.

When we ran into the devil's mouth,
The bullets skimmed past me quick,
The sound of the dying soldiers,
Made me feel sick.

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user comment Emily says: Thanks
Sent on Mon 11th Nov 13

user comment Lilly says: Great poem! You're only 10 as well. Good job!
Sent on Sat 9th Nov 13

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