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The Circle of Trees (Archived)

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The Circle of Trees

This is a poem I wrote about one of my favourite places. Hope you enjoy it!. Submitted by Nim (Award 912), age 19

The riddles of the wildflowers confuse me
The laughter in the atmosphere makes me want to race.
The stories that the trees must hold intrigue me
And the music of the air is a sweet taste.

The flap and buzz of flying wings is the windís percussion
The swaying of the branches is this placeís poem.
When I enter your circle, your beauty is sudden
And you help me think without me knowing.

Youíre always there and sometimes I forget
How free you make me feel.
Now Iím here maybe I should protect you
But I feel safer surrounded by your whispering shield.

Comments (2)

user comment Nim says: Thank you very much, Jess! :D
Sent on Tue 25th Jun 13

user comment Jess says: A lovely little poem which really shows how much you like this place. The subtle rhyme/assonance is beautiful. Great job :)
p.s thank you for your comment on my poem :)
Sent on Mon 27th May 13

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