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The Civil War

Its a diary extract. . Submitted by Leah (Award 6), age 16

October 23rd 1614
Dear Diary,
Trembling, I staggered onto the freezing cold fields. I watched the Royal Troops aim their dusty muskets at us. Patiently I waited for our command, I looked at the brave fellow soldiers around me, their faces looked focused and determined.
Suddenly a loud shout filled the air “fire!”. Muskets were being shot and canons were being lit. They were charging at us, we started to run at them. Scarily, I pulled out my gun and put my shaking finger on the trigger.
Even though my heart was in my throat I had to stick up for what I believed in. I knew that this civil war would turn these beautiful lands into a
blood stained battlefield.
At this moment I noticed that some of the enemies were my own friends. I had two choices, one to save my friends, or two to save my people. I knew what I had to do.
The smoke from the guns were sucking up all the oxygen, my nose started to bleed and my lips turned black and dry, but I had to move on. I knew
my ear drums had burst because I could feel the wax trickling down my ear. I was in agony and pain.
After hours of fighting, many people were dead and many people were injured. It was a tragedy and everyone had done their best to protect their
people. I looked all around all I could see was devastation I saw the families of the dead men weep.

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