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The Crane's Wing

This is the start of a story I'm writing. Its about two orphaned Japanese sisters who suddenly find themseleves lost in Japan. If you like it, I will write the next part :) . Submitted by Karisma (Award 132), age 18

The Crane's Wing - Part 1

I remember waiting in the basement, waiting for time to rush ahead. Then we would flee, Kiko and me. The basement was one of the two rooms in our house. Well, it wasnít really a house; it was just a small run down cottage with a basement and a bedroom. Our Mum had the bedroom, and she filled it with her fragranced Kimono's. We had to sleep in the basement, and let me tell you it wasn't pretty.
We had packed everything, bottles of water, Mum's fan and photo, a jar of scarlet sweets. It had taken them weeks to find out what do with us. Those people charging around, yelling in your face, yet trying to do whatís best for you.
We hadn't even been able to see Mum after she died. We were "too young," though Kiko pretended she was sixteen.
"Look!" she said, parading around the room in Mum's wooden shoes. "Look how TALL I am! Only sixteen year olds are THIS big!!"
She was actually trying hard. She loved Mum so much - and Mum had loved her. She wanted to see her again, one last time.
"Your records say your eight years old," sighed one of the men. He had jet black hair and cunning emerald eyes. He had been with us for days yet we didn't even know his name.
We had to sleep on mattresses that night. They left the window wide open so we FROZE. Kiko couldn't get to sleep, so she wobbled over to the window and started to jump.
"What are you doing?" I mumbled sleepily.
"I want to go and look for MUM!" she cried and burst into tears.
I started to worry somebody would hear her, but then I realized she was right. So I helped get through the window, and then I got through too. We raced through all the bushes, but Kiko was no help. She kept tripping over logs, and screamed whenever something moved in the bushes. I assured her it was just the wind, but I don't think she believed me.
When we finally got home, I found some left over sushi and rolls on the table. It was a bit off but still okay eat. I decided we would stay until we ran out of food, but luckily that didn't happen.
Some men came three days later, when we were looking through some of Mum's wardrobe and boxes. They came with a van, so I'm guessing that they were here take the furniture out. Kiko must have seen this through one of the holes, and she SCREAMED. I had to cover my ears, it was so loud.
Well, THAT must have had SOME effect on the men, because I heard one of them say "letís go". I was relieved, but then I heard the say "we can come back in the morning"
So we had to pack.

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user comment Nim says: This is really interesting; I'd like to read the next part!
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