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The first mission

In the face of danger, will Jen Adams walk away?. Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

After silently stepping off the 12 am train, Adam carefully scanned the area: no sign of MI6, but of course that was the idea. Adam thought about the similarities between him and Jen, they looked extremely alike: same hair, same eyes and even same face. He wondered whether this was really a good idea.

Jen was nervous, apparently she was about to get her first ever mission, the butterflies were immense. Eventually, Robert Sharp decided to come out of hiding, and 5 minutes later, Jen was horrified. Her first mission was to spend her first abroad holiday...Working for MI6. She was meant to be learning to scuba dive (an intense training activity) and she was meant to be focusing on working for MI6 this was madness...

3 days later

Jen felt like she had just been punched in the stomach. Alex (one girl that had despised Jen from the moment she had laid eyes on her) had just told Jen’s worst enemy her worst secret: her crush, one boy in her class had always been Jen’s crush, and now half the class knew. They all sniggered as she walked past, but, the boy smiled at her, more than just a friendly smile. However, Jen was now decided: Alex was practically dead.

This meant war.

Jen ran straight to Adam who immediately opened his arms as Jen ran into him, either Adam had been eavesdropping, or word had spread very quickly.
“You know that you can just, forget about this? It’s not like the world’s going to end?” Adam forced his little sister to look up at him “How much does this boy REALLY matter?”

Jen quickly shot him daggers, in between chewing over what Adam had said; he had read her like a book, and she hated him for it. She realised that Adam had hit the nail on the head, but she couldn’t accept it.

“But, I’ll never live this down. No one really knows anything about me, until now.” she mumbled quietly, at this moment Adam’s phone suddenly beeped into life displaying a text message.

“Well, here’s something to take your mind off things, we’re needed, apparently a briefing,” “But, I should warn you, things are not what they seem...”
3 hours later
Jen was shocked, this was not the mission she’d expected; she and Adam had to go up against one of the most dangerous triads in the world, and this was supposed to be a “simple” first mission. Spying on a bunch of dangerous adults armed to the teeth with weapons, was possibly one of the stupidest ideas Jen had ever heard, and as Robert Sharp stared at her blankly over a wooden coffee table, anger bubbled over “How stupid are you? You want two children to spy on a group of heavily armed criminals? Well, I can tell you, I’m not doing it. You can blackmail, threaten me, whatever. But I am not setting foot anywhere, near that triad!”
Robert Sharp simply smirked and slid a piece of paper over the table, and Jen stared open mouthed. It showed a picture of a young boy, and not just any young boy, Jen’s crush.
“He’s on the mission,” Robert Sharp muttered “I take it you want to go?”

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user comment Katie says: wow this is really good. don't believe you're only 11!!
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