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The Outsiders

Something I wrote in my English lesson. Try and imagine someone whispering it. . Submitted by Lucy (Award 711), age 19

We are the outsiders, some call us angels and others call us demons. We ride on the backs of midnight clouds and dive in and out of the early morning rays of blinding gold sun. We are the Outsiders and this is us.

No one knows exactly what we are like, but there are many theories. Children say our eyes are bright with the age of the earth and our voices are as high and light as Christmas bells. They say our skin glows with immortality and wisdom and we wear gowns as silky and elegant as the very first moon, on the very first night. Children say we cause babies to giggle their very first giggle and children to sleep soundly. They think we are the bearers of life and the source of love.

Adults think differently. Adults say our eyes are dead and cold with damned souls living inside them, and our voices cause buildings to fall and wars to rage. They say there are veins in our stone cold skin that sliver in our arms and squirm in our legs like dying snakes, and we wear pure screams of the dead tailored into cloaks. Adults say that every step we take causes a storming tempest and our passion is to smother treasured dreams and joyous memories. They think we are the contents of tears and the inspiration of a kill.

The only thing that people agree on is that we are the outsiders, we live and breathe on space and emptiness, and we float around the edge. Watching, watching, thatís us, watching. We favour the innocence of children and despising the harshness of the adult human race. We watch the sick political world that is earth today.

Some call us angels and others call demons, we are both, we are none, we are the Outsiders.

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user comment Rachael says: This is a really good piece of writing. You are really talented.
Sent on Mon 26th Sep 11

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