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The three Brothers

Harry potter tale. . Submitted by Kia-Marie (Award 15), age 18

Once upon a time, many many years ago there were three profoundly powerful wizards. The oldest named Orin, almost selfish from head to toe. Myself, the second oldest-Dymas; I say I am a handsome, wise man but to others… I am a horrific, arrogant with a mild touch of insolent pig. My third brother-Rama; the youngest and good at heart, a humble man but maybe a little too good…
The villagers have said we couldn’t cross a long deep river nicknamed ‘Death’. I have heard of this river many a times, but I just thought it was a myth. Many have not lived to tell the tale. The people who have mysteriously disappeared or drowned trying to cross.
One day Orin got really annoyed and determined to prove the villagers wrong, that how he’s always been. He wanted to see what all the fuss was about, Rama was interested to see where this river is and to collect samples. Of course I went along. That’s what a good brother does right?
Us three brothers, travelled for miles and miles, days upon days on foot, with not even a map and no sense of direction.
Twilight. As we were going to turn around because we were so worn out, we heard some sort of slushy noise. THE RIVER! Abruptly, we started running towards the river.
I felt emotionless but the rush of adrenalin came through my body, made me shudder. There was no sign of a bridge to get over the river, so the three of us took out our wands and created a bridge. Suddenly a hooded, tall, floating figure arrived. Death.
Of course, at first we were a little stunned, as he and no face and a very astonishing voice. He arrived feeling cheated, as many had failed but hid his anger well, I didn’t learn this till the end. I dint notice this until he seemed…nice, almost too nice. He congratulated us on our magical talents and with us already beaming with delight; Death cunningly offered us one gift each.
Orin, being selfish as he was asked for the most powerful wand in existence. With this Death fashioned a wand from an elder tree nearby. To humiliate Death further, I asked to have the power to recall loved ones from the grave. Death plucked a stone form the running river and handed to me. Rama, asked for something to go forth from that place with being followed by death. I wish I thought of that, and so with that Death reluctantly handed over his own cloak of invisibility
As I rush home, I knew the one thing I wanted. I re-called my loved one from the dead with my delight, the girl I once hoped to marry before her un-timely death, left me devastated. But quickly she turned cold and sour for she wasn’t meant for this world.
Every second she was here I turned a little…I ticked like a time bomb. Driven mad, with hopeless longing. I shall say my last words, as I dream not to be in this world anymore.

Dear whoever,
Now, you are reading this, I am in another world. In a couple of minutes, I will kill myself to be with my love for eternity. I heard Orin; my brother as slit by his throat , as he bragged about how powerful he was.
My other brother Rama. No-one has seen him since that day.
I see figures around me, If my eyes are deceiving me. I’m sucked into darkness. I don’t know which way. It fills as if I’m drowning and there’s no air felt for me. Just total darkness. Eyes piercing my back. Things are moving. I’m in hell.
Before I go.
I am like this for many reasons but the most biggest one of all is look beyond words for I tried to humiliate Death. For asking for more then I should of greediness and selfish
I’m fading away…

Dyamas. One of three brothers.

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user comment Natasha says: I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I thought that you did a great job in altering it.
Sent on Wed 11th Dec 13

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