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I went this summer. . Submitted by Emily (Award 3669), age 23

Ullswater is situated in Cumbria, the lake district. It is a wonderful place for photo's, this year even though there were a few rainy spells it was quite warm :) If maybe you prefer walking, then it is a great place to go, so many hills to climb and maybe you like canoeing? sailing? or motor boats? then you can go in the local lakes there.

I am not a fan of travelling, it is something I seriously need to get over for the future! It took us about 4 hours but I am glad I didn't sleep because we saw some wonderful scenery on the way (excluding the broken down vehicles and escaping luggage from cars on the motorway)
It was brilliant, the sun was piercing through the clouds and making creeping shadows along the hills...then, within maybe 3 minutes, the clouds turned black and there was a torrential downpour....I know, typical.

We arrived at our cottage, and a few feet ahead of us was Ullswater...we didn't even have to get into the car to get to it, well, we did we drove 4 hours but I mean for a whole week it was only a few steps away. We got in our wetsuits and I went for a was freezing don't get me wrong, but it was so refreshing. I got some pictures of the mountains around us, it was great.

We went for a drive to Windermere (19 miles from the cottage) and had a look around there, we went on a motor boat that my step dad was in control of for an hour *gulp* I'm joking, it was really fun, then the ferry went past and made a wave which kind of made us all go slightly pale.
We visited Aira Force which was a waterfall and that was really nice.
There isn't everything you need in Ullswater, you do have to visit other local places too but it's just such a scenic place, I have to admit if I had a choice in where our family could go in the summer I wouldn't pick somewhere that meant being in the outdoors because we we have never been abroad so I would want to choose somewhere away (even though I detest travelling) ;) but I am happy we went there because it was wonderful.
Thank you for reading.

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user comment Lucy says: Great!!!It tells everyone about the place and the things that happen there and also what you did when you went there. Just what a good review on a place should be like!!Well Done!!!!(:
Sent on Mon 3rd Oct 11

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