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What is the meaning of terrorism? (Archived)

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What is the meaning of terrorism?

it something that makes you think . Submitted by kristina (Award 6), age 20

Terrorism is called inhumane and cruel, but sometimes it is needed when Americans donít listen to your needs, like if you need food water and medicine. If all people were like that, we wouldnít even know what the word care means. But not all terrorism is needed when the name Osama bin laden pops up the words cruel, evil and senseless come to mind. But the question is.........

Who is really to blame?

If we carry on like we are now we might as well call ourselves Nazis and be done with it. Our government is to blame for sending innocent people to their deaths. But England is not all to blame, the Americans played a
bigger part in this. They were dumb enough to kill their own side they bombed more of us then the Germans.
But not all Germans were involved, innocent families died at Hitlerís reign of terror. The Jewish people were sent away we should have kept them safe, they never did anything to us, but apparently their lives are worthless.
If we call other people terrorists we are just hypocrites, the question for you to ask is........
Are we to blame?

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user comment James says: How are we to blame? This contentious subject is referring to only the small minority of people who are heartless and merciless enough to murder and destroy, we as a planet are not to blame, but these people are. The governments of America and the UK are fighting against the terrorists and dictators of our world, otherwise who else responsibly and legally could?
Sent on Sun 23rd Oct 11

user comment Lucy says: Great detailed description of the terrors of terrorism ( see what I did there)!!!Lol, anyway, I like the rhetorical. I know who's to blame. Us. We started the arguments between the foreign countries.
Sent on Sat 22nd Oct 11

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